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January/February 04 Vol.23 No.1
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Chairman

This issue of Sculpture includes a new two-page section that spotlights the ISC's award programs and brings added attention to our deserving awardees. This month features all of our 2003 awardees, as well as a glimpse into what 2004 will offer. Our two Awards Galas in 2003 were a smashing success in every way, raising a record amount to support the ISC's programs and mission. I want to acknowledge once again the long and hard work of Board member Melody Sawyer Richardson who planned and worked on both events for many, many months.

In addition to being our most successful event on record, our Fall Awards Gala in Cincinnati presented a unique opportunity to collaborate with local sculptors and the local arts community. Pat Renick, recipient of the 2003 Educator Award, organized a "street party" for those who were unable to attend the Gala, and it was a great success, serving as the catalyst for increased collaboration, recognition, and support for sculptors and sculpture in the Cincinnati region. Cincinnati's Mayor Charlie Luken presented a key to the city to the ISC, and we named Cincinnati our first ISCity. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful people of Cincinnati, especially those in the arts community who welcomed and supported the ISC in every way. We are crazy about Cincinnati and cannot wait to return. Thank you Cincinnati.

Your Board of Directors also met in Cincinnati, and we accomplished a great deal. The committee system worked efficiently, with the Board receiving and acting on recommendations rather than engaging in lengthy debate. I would like to reiterate several important decisions that were made:

1) We confirmed that the mission, goals, and objectives that we adopted two years ago are still pertinent, and we reaffirmed these points with only minor changes. The key objectives are:

  • News on sculpture
  • Recognition of events and achievements in the field
  • Exposure for sculpture and sculptors
  • Relationship-building among sculptors
  • Technical information
  • Information on professional business practices
  • Career opportunities
  • Historical/critical context
  • Advocacy for sculptors and sculpture

2) We recommitted to conferences as a key member service and established a calendar through 2007 that includes two major conferences and several short, small, and focused symposia.

3) We sharpened the definition of what we are looking for in a new executive director, moving leadership, as well as financial and fundraising skills, to the top of the list of characteristics that we are seeking in candidates for this position.

In closing, I want to thank each of our Board members once more for the time and talent that they share to make this membership organization a continuing success. We have the best board in the organization’s history. Your organization is good and getting better.

Robert Duncan
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

ISC Seeks New Executive Director

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