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June 2004 Vol.24 No.5
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the ISC President and Director

It is my privilege to join the International Sculpture Center’s leadership after five rewarding years with the Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim is a hard place to leave. I was endlessly motivated there and had much freedom to “think outside the box” with respect to art, business, and legal issues. It is no ordinary institution.

I see these same rare qualities in the ISC. Its past is impressive. Its future limitless. Its people talented. But what most attracts me to the ISC is its mission. The ISC promotes both the creation and the appreciation of sculpture. In doing so, we show that sculpture is vital to the purpose and expression of our world—not an endeavor without consequence. John Hanhardt, the Guggenheim’s curator of film and media arts, reminded me of this recently. “Where goes sculpture goes art itself,” he said. “The art world needs a strong ISC.”

The ISC is strong and getting stronger. Through Sculpture magazine, and the deft editorship of Glenn Harper, we will continue to lead critical discourse on where sculpture has been and where it is going; how it has changed and how it never will; what it means for the rest of the art world and for our communities. Do not miss a single issue. Join our membership today.

Our members, of course, are the strength of the ISC. Both the Board of Directors and the staff are focused on the specific professional needs of our sculptors and collectors and how we can better serve you. We care deeply about artists and their concerns, including the importance of copyright, free expression, and fair contracts. We care also about our collectors, who ensure that sculpture not only survives, but indeed thrives in difficult political and economic climates.

Conferences and symposia remain a fundamental priority and will be seamlessly managed by Associate Director Mary Catherine Johnson. Please meet us at the Fall Sculpture Symposium in New Orleans (October 29–31, 2004), organized by Lin Emery and Rob Fisher. In June 2005, it’s on to Cincinnati for a major conference organized by Pat Renick and Michael Johnson. Do not miss these events.

Finally, many of our members think that the time is right to examine the ways in which the ISC impacts cities and regions, both in the United States and abroad. We’ll therefore be looking closely at the issue of local chapters, collaborative associations, and a worldwide presence. According to Chairman Emeritus Peter Hobart, “It’s time to put the ‘I’ in ISC.” Yes. Let’s do it.

In closing, I express my gratitude to the energetic Board members who have made my transition both a pleasure and a success: Chairman Robert Duncan, John Henry, Laura Thorne, Armando Silva, John Young, Robert Mangold, and Russ RuBert. These individuals, and the others who called and wrote me, greatly impressed me with their commitment to the ISC and their pride in the work that it does. I’m glad to be here at the ISC. This is no ordinary institution.


Maria Pallante-Hyun
ISC President and Director

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