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March 2004 Vol.23 No.2
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Editor

Beginning with this issue of Sculpture, we are publishing some of our articles as special “on-line only” features in Sculpture On-line, the Sculpture magazine section of <>, which is the official Web site of the International Sculpture Center and one of the largest visual arts sites on the Web. We have for some time been publishing articles in Sculpture On-line, including selected articles from the print version of Sculpture and on-line only articles such as Harriet Senie’s recent piece on ephemeral monuments (now in the September 2003 archives on-line), articles on VRML, and a video interview with Stelarc. Also of note this month: several of the writers contributing to the current issue and recent issues of Sculpture have newly published books, including John K. Grande’s Art Nature Dialogues (portions of which were first published in this magazine); Zoe Kosmidou’s The Power of Visual Logos: Greek Women Artists; Gil McElroy’s Gravity & Grace (which also includes material first published here); and Matthew Kangas’s Bertil Vallien: Somna/Vakna; Robert C. Morgan is the editor of Clement Greenberg: Late Writings.

~ Glenn Harper

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