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May 2004 Vol.23 No.4
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Chairman

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to the ISC's new President and Director Maria Pallante-Hyun. Maria and the ISC appear to be a perfect match. She has experience in and exposure to the international art world, having worked as a staff lawyer and licensing representative for the Guggenheim Museum and its worldwide affiliates for the past five years. She has experience with two not-for-profit membership organizations in the literary field (as Executive Director of the National Writers Union and Assistant Director of the Authors Guild/Authors League of America). She is a highly respected lawyer and lecturer in the not-for-profit world and an expert in copyright, trademark, and related business affairs. She has testified several times before the U.S. Congress and before President Clinton's working group on the National Information Infrastructure, and she has also authored and co-authored numerous friend-of-the-court briefs on copyright, contract, and free expression issues. She has chaired various professional committees in both law and the arts. For nine years, she served on the U.S. Executive Committee of the Association of Littéraire et Artistique Internationale, the artists' rights group founded in 1878 by Victor Hugo.

Although her past is important, her future potential is far more important. The Board believes that Maria will take the ISC to a whole new level. She is full of ideas—ways to help artists and those who love art. She listens, then makes decisions backed with strong conviction. She is bright, articulate, and thoughtful with a bias for action. The bottom line—Maria is a strong leader, and leadership was the number one attribute for which we were searching.

I want to again acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Mary Catherine Johnson, Glenn Harper, and the rest of the ISC staff. They are the reason that the ISC has performed so well during the last year. I would also like to congratulate Mary Catherine on being named Associate Director for the ISC.

Thanks also go the entire ISC Board and Executive Committee for being patient as we searched for the best possible leader for ISC. Finding the right leader was worth the wait. Finally, I want to recognize the hard work of the Search Committee led by Armando Silva. This committee worked continuously from last July to this March. Thank you Laura Thorne, John Henry, Bob Mangold, John Young, and Russ RuBert. Maria will begin communicating her thoughts to you in this space beginning next month. Please join me in congratulating and welcoming her to the International Sculpture Center.

Robert Duncan
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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