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May 2004 Vol.23 No.4
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Editor

Two themes run through this issue of Sculpture. One is a topic we have promised to revisit: contemporary translations between the two “languages of space,” architecture and sculpture. Simparch and Alfredo Jaar show in very different ways some of the most interesting possibilities for the overlapping interests of these two fields. Another persistent theme this month: Bernar Venet, Tony Cragg, and Alfredo Jaar all speak of the conceptual process as a series of more or less distinct beginnings and endings, taking a body of work as far as it will go and then simply stepping away from it. A related idea is the responsibility that comes with the artist’s privilege: freedom to create—to begin work on something completely new. The artists already mentioned speak profoundly of responsibility to art and to the social body. Alan Sonfist’s work insists on the vulnerable cohabitation of natural and cultural environments; and Harry Hauck’s work comments on the very nature of vulnerability, in sculptures given life and form by the most basic human action: breath.

~ Glenn Harper

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