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November 2004 Vol.23 No.9
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Chairman

Membership is what the ISC is all about. It is the reason we exist, our principle source of revenue, our lifeblood. The ISC currently has over 7,000 members and subscribers in over 70 countries. This is a strong community, but I believe that there are many more sculptors and others passionate about sculpture out there who would benefit from joining us. With more members, we strengthen our ability to realize the ISC’s mission of advancing the creation and understanding of sculpture. With more members, we can ensure that we meet this goal at the highest level possible.

In the coming months, we will undertake a number of initiatives to improve benefits and services for existing members and to increase our membership base. Our first priority was to hire a qualified professional to focus on membership needs: in September Johannah Hutchison joined the ISC as Membership Coordinator. Johannah is experienced in all aspects of nonprofit membership services. In addition, she understands and shares our passion for the arts in general and sculpture specifically. We are excited to have her on board.
Johannah’s first objective was to develop a series of short- and long-term objectives for membership. I would like to share some of these with you and solicit your feedback to assist the ISC Board of Directors in establishing priorities and goals for our membership program:

  • Continue to increase membership at regular intervals each year.
  • Expand and enhance our Web site to include an on-line member newsletter, password access to your own member record as well as to a member directory, and ongoing updates to our Sculpture Destinations, resource, and education directories.
  • Review our current benefits and finalize new benefits, including group insurance rates and discounts on supplies and services of interest to all levels of members.
  • Establish a long-range, multi-year conference, symposium, and special event schedule to include geographically diverse locations and themes that address the topics that are important to you.
  • Improve our renewal process and member retention policies, including the implementation of convenient automatic renewals.
  • Continue to establish affiliations with both new and existing regional sculpture groups. (You may recall that we have agreements with two new groups—ISC Europe (ISC-E) and Chicago Sculpture International (CSI). Substantial synergies exist and new benefits, such as exhibition opportunities, are possible for these types of affiliations.)•
  • Expand our popular on-line discussion forum “Sculpture Community” to attract new members while continuing
    to provide compelling discussion topics.
  • Establish relationships with vendors serving the sculpture community through a new “Vendor Membership” category.
  • Increase newsstand sales and worldwide distribution of Sculpture magazine to enhance appeal to sponsors and advertisers.

As you can see, we have an ambitious agenda before us. With your help we can make some or all of these objectives a reality. Tell us what you like and what you still need to make your membership more beneficial. Refer us to potential new members and give us ideas for increasing membership. Contact Johannah with your ideas: 609.689.1051 ext. 108 or Let us hear from you.

Robert Duncan
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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