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September 2004 Vol. 23 No. 7
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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Web Specials

by Gil McElroy

“Texas Uprising”
by D. Dominick Lombardi

Liu Jianhua
by Jonathan Goodman

by Joel Simpson

by Roger Boyce


On the Cover

Michael Rees, Putto8, 2003.
Fiberglass with Emron automotive paint, 78 x 62 x 72 in.

From the Chairman

There is much news to report this month. ...[ more... ]

From the Editor

Now, as always, some sculptors are at pains to polish away all traces of their hands or tools, and others openly demonstrate them. ...[ more... ]


Ars Ex Machina: Digital Sculpture
by William V. Ganis

A Diagram of Forces: Michael Rees
by George Fifield

Shaping Sensation: A Conversation with Jon Isherwood
by Eric Gelber

The Manifestation of Awareness: Buddhism and Contemporary Sculpture
by Anne Barclay Morgan

Uncontrollable Curiosity: A Conversation with Gino Marotta
by Andrea Bellini



Forum: Sculptors Groups by Leslie Kaufman
Focus: Sheila Pepe by Dinah Ryan
Site: The Würth Collection by Axel Lapp
Focus: Claudette Schreuders by Paul Edmunds
Postscript: ISC News


Tokyo: Yayoi Kusama
Washington, DC: Sarah Stout
Beacon, New York: Creighton Michael
Brooklyn: David Opdyke
Hudson, New York: Peter Barton
New York: Thomas Schütte
New York: Richard Serra
New York: Christopher Wilmarth
Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Brant Schuller
Pittsburgh: Gregory Barsamian
Philadelphia: Fritz Dietel
Seattle: John Grade
Domaine Saint-Bernard, Canada: Nils-Udo
Sherbrooke, Canada: Ulysse Comtois

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