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March 2005 Vol.24 No.2
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Editor

With the arrival of Michael Klein, the new Executive Director of the ISC, and the beginning stages of our planning for Sculpture’s 25th year of publication next year, it seems an appropriate moment to recognize some people who make it possible for us to get this publication into your hands 10 times a year. Managing Editor Twylene Moyer’s work is essential to both the aesthetic and editorial aspects of the magazine, as well as to the overarching reality of periodical publishing: the schedule. Angela Melkisethian almost single-handedly compiles and produces Insider, the newsletter bound into ISC members’ copies of Sculpture, as well as researching and writing the Commissions section. Amy Blankstein has been ably coordinating advertising for the past year and will be leaving us this month. Eileen Schramm brings everything together in the design for each issue. And none of what we produce in the editorial office could reach you without the whole ISC staff in New Jersey, particularly Mary Catherine Johnson, Dawn Martin Molignano, and Johannah Hutchison, without whom we couldn’t get Sculpture out to your mailbox or newsstand every month.

~ Glenn Harper
Sculpture Magazine Editor

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