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April 2005 Vol.24 No.3
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Editor

I mentioned last month that next year is the 25th Aniversary of Sculpture magazine. Next year is also the 45th anniversary of the International Sculpture Center: the ISC began with the first International Sculpture Conference, in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1961. It has just been announced that, in order to mark these milestones and one of its own, the 20th International Sculpture Conference will be held in the spring of 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is a crossroads city. And sculpture is also at a crossroads, in terms of the new diversity of media and materials and the rising of a new generation of sculptors. The first International Sculpture Conference was particularly concerned with the sculpture casting process, and the 20th Conference will look to the sculpture career process: What is sculpture today? What are the opportunities for young sculptors? What is the future of sculpture? What are the survival strategies for sculptors today? At the conference (and in these pages as well) look for dialogues with leading and emerging artists, addressing these questions and celebrating the history and future of sculptors in our society!

~ Glenn Harper

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