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Naked and Nude Out in the World and in the Art School Curriculum

by Daniel Grant

On the Cover

Tara Donovan, Untitled (detail), 2003. Styrofoam cups and hot glue, 10 x 66 x 32 ft.
Photo: © Tara Donovan, Courtesy PaceWildenstein.


From the ISC Executive Director

It is early October as I am writing this, and the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina are still in daily evidence. We all know that emergency relief effors will go on for some time. The end of the year is the time when our thoughts go to family and friends, a time to assess, take stock, and be grateful for what we have.
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Rules for Growth: A Conversation with Tara Donovan
by Collette Chattophadhyay

Social Structures and Shared Autobiographies: A Conversation with Do-Ho Suh
by Tom Csaszar

For the Love of Horses: A Conversation with Deborah Butterfield
by Laurie Delk

Ingo Ronkholz: Beyond the Image
by Susanne Wedewer

All 5 Senses: A Conversation with Terry Allen
by Christopher French and Terrie Sultan




Forum: Memorial Complexes or Why Are Architects Getting the Big Commissions?
by Harriet F. Senie


Focus: Banks Violette
by Jan Garden Castro

Focus: Stacey Neff
by Dottie Indyke

Focus: Daniel Aulagnier
by Ninon Gauthier


Postscript: More About Sculptors vs. Landscape Architects
by Athena Tacha



New York: Daniel Buren

Los Angeles: Eliseo Mattiacci

Washington, DC: Graham Caldwell

Atlanta: Deanna Sirlin

Corning, New York: “Czech Glass 1945–1980” and “Czech Glass Now”

New York: Ruth Duckworth

New York: Sidney Geist

New York: Antony Gormley

New York: Gregory Ryan

New York: “MTA Arts for Transit”

Seattle: Mark Zirpel

Wakefield, U.K.: William Turnbull

Canberra, Australia: “The National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition”

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