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May 2005 Vol.24 No.4
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Editor

As we prepare each issue of Sculpture, there are always coincidences and repetitions that catch our eye. For instance, there are two sets of sculptural bleacher-structures in this issue, each created from a very different aesthetic impulse and in a very different social climate. Year after year, the artists most often cited in our pages are David Smith, Joseph Beuys, and Marcel Duchamp, and that is true also of this issue (with Beuys getting particular attention this time). But in every issue there are also artists who rise up out of art history to be cited repeatedly, by coincidence or due to some alignment in the heavens. In this issue, references to Kurt Schwitters occur several times, reminding me of a bizarre cosmic alignment, a rumored recording of Schwitters’s 1916 Ur Sonata by Marie Osmond, who did in fact record Hugo Ball’s Dada composition Karawane, also from 1916—linked historically to the Futurist works of Marinetti, also cited in this issue. These recurrences illustrate Modernism’s continuing hold on our imagination, as well as pointing toward what we stand to lose as a culture in times of retrenchment, de-funding, and general know-nothingism.

~ Glenn Harper

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