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May 2005 Vol.24 No.4
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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Photographs of Public Artworks by Anish
Kapoor and Christo & Jeanne-Claude:
Copyright Infringement?

by Daniel Grant

On the Cover

Arnaldo Pomodoro, Novecento, 2000–02. Bronze, 21 x 7 meters. Photo: © Carlo Orsi, Milan.

From the ISC Executive Director

Because of its many-sided character, sculpture is subject to a great deal of interpretation. This is the very nature of the dialogue at the ISC. "[more ...]"

From the Editor

As we prepare each issue of Sculpture, there are always coincidences and repetitions that catch our eye. For instance, there are two sets of sculptural bleacher-structures in this issue, each created from a very different aesthetic impulse and in a very different social climate."[more ...]"


Movement in Progress: A Conversation with Arnaldo Pomodoro
by Laura Tansini

Fire Medicine: A Conversation with Cai Guo-Qiang
by Sarah Tanguy

Responsive Construction: A Conversation with Bruce Beasley

by Peter Frank

Planning for Happenstance: Dewitt Godfrey
by Brooke Kamin Rapaport

“I am a Transmitter, I Radiate”: Joseph Beuys

by Ileana Marcolescou


Forum: U.S. Artists Battle for Moral Rights by Barbara Hoffman
Focus: Abraham Cruzvillegas by Collette Chattopadhyay
Focus: Adam Frelin by Jan Garden Castro
Focus: Carolina Sardi by Rodolfo A. Windhausen


New York: Nari Ward
Berkeley: Midori Harima
Baltimore: “Surplus: Constructions”
Long Island City, New York: Rita McBride
New York: Kirsten Hassenfeld
New York: Wendy Hirschberg
New York: Marepe
New York: Ugo Rondinone
Easton, Pennsylvania: Alastair Noble
Pittsburgh: “Artists in Residence: Cuba”
Richmond, Virginia: Carolyn Henne
Tacoma, Washington: Scott Fife
Perth, Canada: Kiwi Sculpture Garden Project
London: Gary Webb
Taipei, Taiwan: “Do You Believe in Reality?”
Dispatch: “Personal Affects: Power
and Poetics in Contemporary South
African Art”

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