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From the Chairman

It was with great pleasure that I assumed the role of chairman of the ISC’s Board of Directors this January. I am especially proud to succeed continuing board member, Robert Duncan, who has served the ISC selflessly for many years and who has helped me to understand my own role as a collector and lover of sculpture and the personal satisfaction of serving an organization like the ISC. As many of you know, the ISC has a rich and proud history. Today, the ISC is in a better position than ever to provide more services to members, more information to Sculpture magazine readers and <> visitors, more value to program attendees, and more recognition to the world of sculpture and sculptors.

How will we accomplish these lofty goals as we celebrate our 45th year as an organization and 25 years as the publisher of Sculpture? By continuing to do what we have always done—with constant improvements. In that regard, you have enjoyed the recent design changes to Sculpture, had a chance to join us for our recent conference, Crossroads Cincinnati, and have seen our first book published, A Sculpture Reader. We have recently selected this year’s winners of the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards, a program that now includes 377 students from 141 colleges and universities. Later this year, we will give the ISC’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Manuel Neri at our annual gala. We will also announce a host of new benefits and a major restructuring (and simplification!) of our membership levels. Further, we hope to expand our affiliate program, building on the tremendous success of the template established with our brethren in Chicago, Chicago Sculpture International.

As we examine our accomplishments and look forward to many more, I want to thank Michael Klein for his service to the ISC over the past 18 months. We recently accepted Michael’s resignation as the ISC’s Executive Director. During his tenure, Michael helped us evolve from an organization with a rich past to an organization with an even richer future. Needless to say, we wish Michael our very best wishes in his future pursuits, and we look forward to his continuing role as an advocate and friend of the ISC.
With Michael’s departure, I am delighted to announce Johannah Hutchison’s promotion to the new position of Managing Director. Many of you know Johannah through her work over the last 2.5 years as our Director of Membership and Development, and we very much look forward to her vision and skills in this new role.

I do not want to underestimate the importance and contribution of our members and supporters. I’d like to reiterate our thanks to John A. Renna for his most generous testamentary gift to the ISC and to express our posthumous thanks to past board member Isaac Witkin. Finally, I would like to extend the ISC’s best wishes to Peter Hobart, Chairman Emeritus, for a speedy recovery from a recent illness.

As I help navigate the ISC’s direction, I hope to hear directly from you, our members, readers, vendors, and friends. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with your thoughts and comments. My e-mail address is

Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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