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On the Cover

On the Cover: Jackie Winsor, Burnt Sphere, 1980–81. Plywood, 32.4 in.

Photo: Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.


From the ISC Executive Director

The headline in the Wall Street Journal read, “Kids Don’t Connect with Collecting.” What are we going to do, I thought?

Sculptors and artists in general need an audience, and they need patrons. Today’s patrons can be private individuals, government agencies, or corporate entities, but tomorrow’s sculptures must go someplace too. If the kids aren’t interested, who will be? The repercussions will be felt not only in terms of a diminishing base of collectors, which I hope is not true, but also in terms of a larger, more general lack of interest in cultural artifacts. If there is such measurable ambivalence among younger people as to what to do with “collectibles,” where do we, the people engaged with making art or supporting art activities, step in? If young people are questioning why they should be interested in art and why they should collect it, then it’s perhaps a matter of education. But if their ambivalence is rooted in simple disinterest, then we are in trouble. Whether the general public or private collectors, the audience for art is fed by the desire to know—to understand, appreciate, and participate in the growth of cultural life. While the Journal article illustrated its point with discussions about a variety of collectibles, not art per se, the art of looking at, cherishing, and gathering artifacts around you is key to the collecting idea.
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