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Willie Cole, Pretty in Pink, 2005. Shoes, wood, metal pipe, screws, and staples, 70 x 16.6 in.
Photo: Courtesy Alexander and Bonin, New York.


From the ISC Executive Director

It does take a village, and, in the case of San Antonio, a mayor and a city council proactive in the arts. Phil Hardberger, the mayor in question, recognizes art as the soul of the city and knows that cities need souls in order to survive, grow, prosper, and foster the things that we as humans cherish no matter where we live. (Complete article...)



Willie Cole: The Other Side
by Rebecca Dimling Cochran

Kicking Out the Boundaries: A Conversation with Kiki Smith
by Jan Garden Castro

Stella Waitzkin: Idiosyncrasy's Library
by Jonathan Goodman

Transforming Energy: A Conversation with Jaume Plensa
by Michael Stoeber

Patti Warashina: Personal and Political
by Matthew Kangas

Jorge Oteiza: Nothing is Everything
by Jonathan Goodman

Kan Yasuda: Between Mind and Matter
by Fred Licht




Forum: The New de Young Museum
by Aimee Le Duc


Site: For-Site Foundation
by Chuck Mobley




New York: Brian Jungen

Phoenix: Joe Willie Smith

Los Angeles: Toshiko Takaezu

Los Angeles: Temporary Services

Baltimore: Richard Cleaver

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Dietrich Klinge

St. Louis: Christina Shmigel

New York: Karen Kang

New York: Tony Oursler

New York: Cornelia Parker

New York: Evan Penny

New York: Swoon

Seattle: Kazuo Kadonaga

Waterloo, Canada: Christian Bernard Singer

Melbourne, Australia: Domenico de Clairo

Auckland, New Zealand: Christopher Braddock

Taipei, Taiwan: Wen-Fu Yu

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