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From the Director

Because we are the International Sculpture Center, and because part of our mission is to create and build dialogues between sculptors, I was invited to Mexico City in late January to visit studios and learn about what is taking place with sculptors and sculpture programs there. While this was a brief trip, it was an important step to begin the process of opening up connections with artists outside the U.S.

As you may know, Mexico City is one of the largest urban centers in the world, and perhaps the only way to comprehend its size is to know that in the four days of my visit we covered some 500 miles by taxi. For those of you who might want to visit, it is a city not to be missed: without sounding too naïve, I discovered a culture rich in its contemporary energies with deep historic roots. Artists there make a great effort to balance the past and the immediate present in their works.

Among the studios I visited were those of Sebastian, Yvonne Domenge, and Jorge Yazpik, to name but three. All are independent in their viewpoints and work, yet they are committed to both small-scale and large-scale public projects. While Mexico City does not support a network of commercial dealers as you might find in other countries, its does have a community of artists who support each other.

Our intention is to follow this visit with future reports and articles from Mexico. And similar fact-finding trips are being planned for Holland, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Japan. ISC staff members are frequently invited to attend panels and events, and we use these opportunities to engage other sculptors and arts organizations in an effort to broaden the scope and outreach of the ISC. It is immensely important that we build these networks not only as information channels, but also as opportunities for members and readers. As use of our Web site grows and readership of the magazine expands, the global reach of our programs will certainly open doors for international trade: a sculptor working in Texas will be considered for a commission in Asia, and a sculptor working in Europe will be considered for a show in Mexico. The dialogue about sculpture is amazingly wide and crosses many boundaries.

A special note of thanks to Enrique Cortazar, Director of the Instituto de Mexico in San Antonio, Texas, and his wife, Sara, who helped coordinate my visit, served as translators, and helped guide ISC Board member Bill FitzGibbons and me on our whirlwind tour. Thanks as well to the many sculptors we met and to Beatriz Espejo, a noted author and teacher, all of whom were there to meet with us and show us their country.

Michael Klein
ISC Executive Director

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