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From the Chairman

ISC members, board, staff, and supporters have much to be proud of. We publish an award-winning magazine—Sculpture—and have recently published our first book—A Sculpture Reader (available for purchase directly from the ISC, at, or in bulk through our distributor, University of Washington Press; new and renewing Professional Level members will receive a complimentary copy). In June, we concluded a successful conference in Cincinnati, and our future conference schedule is taking shape and looks very exciting. And, the most important and most visited Internet resource for sculptors and sculpture, continues to expand.

But that’s not all that’s going on at the ISC. Twice a year, our attention turns to ISC award programs. These include our patron and educator awards and, as covered in this issue of Sculpture, our coveted Lifetime Achievement Award and our prestigious Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards.

This past June, a jury convened to review the nominated works of 377 students from 142 international undergraduate and graduate sculpture programs. They chose 22 winners, and 10 others were selected for honorable mention. These students are not only recognized in this issue of Sculpture, their work will also be shown in an exhibition at Grounds For Sculpture (October 8, 2006–April 29, 2007) and published in the exhibition catalogue. In addition, winners receive one-year memberships to the ISC, and their work will be included on the ISC’s Web site. Finally, two winners will be selected to participate in a six-week artist residency in Switzerland. And if that isn’t enough, we are exploring the possibility of touring the student award exhibition.

In addition to supporting sculptors at the beginning of their careers, we take pride in recognizing achievements accrued over the course of a long career. Every year, representatives of the sculpture community gather to select a recipient for the ISC’s Lifetime Achievement Award—recognized throughout the world as one of the most prestigious honors to be bestowed on a sculptor. We are honored to present this year’s award to Manuel Neri, one of the leading figurative sculptors of our time and a pillar of the sculpture community. On November 1st, we will gather in New York City to raise our glasses in Neri’s honor.

Someday, I hope that we might connect these two ends of the career spectrum and find ourselves gathered to honor a Lifetime Achievement Award winner who, at the beginning of his or her career, received an ISC Outstanding Student Achievement Award. Now that would be symmetry!

Needless to say, these important programs require great amounts of time, effort, and funding to keep afloat. Please do what you can to support achievement in sculpture, whether through direct financial support, by visiting the student award exhibition at Grounds For Sculpture (October 8, 2006–April 29, 2007), or by joining us at this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award Gala (November 1st).

Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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