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What’s the Point? A Conversation with Marcus Bering
by Robert Preece

Some viewers of contemporary art, particularly Minimalist art, have been known to ask the question, “What’s the point?” but it is highly unusual for artists themselves to raise the issue. However, such is the case with German artist Marcus Bering, whose minimalistic work draws from a variety of influences ranging from the thoughts, actions, and critiques of his eight-year-old son to the 18th-century philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

On the exhibition front, Bering’s CV has been jumpstarted by a newfound confidence, largely aligned to an international network of practicing artists focused on non-objective art production. Over the past three years alone, Bering’s practice has gone from an essentially studio-centered production of sculptures, installations, and drawings to exhibitions at Elastic Residence, London; Non-Objective Sud in Tulette, France; Provinciehuis and the Sugar Factory in Haarlem and Amsterdam in the Netherlands; SNO Gallery in Sydney, Australia; and Raid Projects in Los Angeles. He also was featured in a two-person exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art in Brussels.

Random Drawing, 2006. Pencil drawing based on a random print-out produced by a Bering-designed computer program, 15 x 15 cm.

Robert Preece is a Contributing Editor of Sculpture magazine and Editor of Art Design Publicity magazine [].

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