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Trusting Serendipity: A Conversation with John Phillips and Carolyn Healy
by Virginia Maksymowicz

Carolyn Healy is an installation artist who began her career with an exhibition of small, abstract sculptures made of found objects at the Marian Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, in 1979. Since 1987 she has created numerous large site-specific installation pieces, some for performance events and many in collaboration with sound and video artist John Phillips. Her work has been shown at Carnegie Mellon University; Symphony Space; the Cini Foundation; the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Crosswaves Festival at the Annenberg Center, Philadelphia; Eastern State Penitentiary; the Museum of American Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; and as part of the International Computer Music Conference in Ann Arbor in 1998 and in Beijing, China, in 1999. John Phillips’s tape works have been performed at New York City dance and theater venues, international electronic art festivals, and on nationally syndicated New American Radio. His live sound and video performances have been featured in numerous venues in Philadelphia and New York.

Limbic Pentameter, 2004. Mixed media, two views of installation at the Fringe Festival, Philadelphia. Photo: Blaise Tobia.

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