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From the Chairman

As a membership organization, the ISC must understand and serve the needs of its members—and we are continually trying to do that through our programming. However, the importance of our membership structure seems less evident. In fact, while we think about our programming on a daily basis, it has been years since we have substantively reviewed our membership structure.

In that time, the demographic of our membership has changed. While active professional sculptors remain the dominant group, the number of collectors, patrons, educators, consultants, dealers, galleries, art centers, museums, sculpture parks and gardens, libraries, universities, architects, public art agencies, and other sculpture supporters continues to grow.

Needless to say, such a diverse membership base is not effectively served by a “one-size-fits-all” approach—bad news for an organization that derives a significant percentage of its operating revenue from membership. For this reason, in the coming months we will announce a major overhaul of our membership structure, designed to better match membership levels with the widening scope of “member types.” This not only means re-labeling and re-pricing our membership levels, but being sure to review, revise, and expand the benefits offered at each level to insure that these benefits are actually serving the needs and desires of the constituents that we hope will be attracted to each particular membership level.

Look for our 2007 membership restructuring to include these membership levels: student membership ($65); basic membership ($100); university membership ($200), designed to provide special benefits to our university members; professional membership ($350), designed solely with the professional sculptor in mind; associate membership ($500), designed to provide special benefits to our collector, dealer, and non-education institutional members; friend membership ($1,000), designed to provide special benefits to those members who want to be a little more generous in their support of the ISC; and patron (formerly “corporate”) membership ($2,500), designed to provide special benefits to our corporate and other most generous members. Subscriptions to Sculpture will also still be available.

We will also continue to have special donor recognition categories for those of our contributors who choose to support the ISC outside of the membership structure or at even higher levels of giving.

Later in the year, look for us to announce the creation of our vendor member program, which will reward vendor members with various benefits in exchange for providing valuable discounts to our members.

Throughout the year we hope to add additional benefits to each of our restructured membership levels, and we look forward to engaging you—our readers and members—in our continuing effort to understand what benefits you would find the most valuable. Should you have any thoughts about our membership structure or benefits as these changes unfold, please contact me at

Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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