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On the Cover

On the Cover: Bill Woodrow, Hive, 2005. Bronze, glass, and paint, 124 x 140 x 141 cm.

Photograph: Prudence Cuming Associates, Ltd., Courtesy Waddington Galleries, London.

From the Chairman

The ruling in a recent Illinois District Court action—Henry F. and Anne Marie Frigon v. Pacific Indemnity Company—may not be the landmark decision claimed by the Wall Street Journal (“This Insurance Case Could Shake Up the Art Market,” February 7, 2007), but it is certainly interesting and noteworthy for artists, collectors, museum officials, and others concerned with insurance coverage and the “bad acts” of those that they work with and encounter in their art-world activities. (Complete letter...)




Forum: Reclaiming the Past in Rural Pennsylvania by Virginia Maksymowicz




Open City by Alastair R. Noble

ISC News


Houston: Katrina Moorhead

Santa Monica, California:
Kaz Oshiro and Dan Douke

West Hollywood, California:
Cecilia Miguez

Miami: “Modus R”

Framingham, Massachusetts: Jessica Straus

Johnstown, New York: Noah Savett

New York:
Roberley Bell

New York:
Eric Guzman

New York:
Alejandro Almanza Pereda

New York:
Dario Robleto

New York:
Alex Wagman

Pittsburgh: Steve O’Hearn

Madison, Wisconsin:
Aristotle Georgiades


Venice: OPEN2006

Gifu Prefecture, Japan: Takeshi Shinohara

Sydney: “Adventures with Form in Space”

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