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From the Chairman

By the time this letter makes it into your hands, it will be early November and 2007 will be drawing to a close—as will the second year of my term as the ISC’s Chairman. As the end of the year rushes ever closer, I am again amazed by both how much we have accomplished and how much more we wish we could have accomplished over the past year.

By year’s end, the ISC will have presided over yet another fabulously successful student award program, and our membership and subscription base will have expanded. We will have increased our membership benefits, as well as our staff, and taken on an ever-increasing number of programs. Sculpture will have published another 10 wonderful issues, and our second book will have been published. We will have gathered hundreds of ISC members and friends for our Seattle conference, and we will have added William King to the growing and illustrious list of winners of the ISC’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. I hope that many of you had, or will have, the chance to meet with your fellow ISC members, subscribers, and friends in Seattle or New York.

In addition to all of this, we will have laid the groundwork for many future ISC projects, including conferences in Grand Rapids (2008), London (2010), and Vancouver (2014) and Lifetime Achievement Award galas in San Francisco (2008) and Chicago (2009). In addition to the Grand Rapids conference, the San Francisco Lifetime Achievement Award gala, and our annual student award program, 2008 will see further additions to our membership benefits, expansion of our Web site, and a host of other new developments.

Supporting all of this activity is a three-legged stool consisting of our tireless staff, our dedicated board, and our committed supporters. While all three legs are necessary for the stool to stand, it goes without saying that our staff and board cannot implement our plans and serve the ISC’s mission without the generous help of our financial supporters.

Generally speaking, the ISC’s revenue comes from subscriptions and magazine sales, advertising, membership, conference registration fees, gala ticket sales, NEA funding, individual, corporate, and foundation contributions, and sculpture donations and sales. Like most nonprofit organizations, as the end of the year draws near, the ISC will launch an annual appeal. The annual appeal represents an important part of our annual development effort, raises a significant amount of money, and is vital to balancing our annual budget.

While it’s always nice to find a corporate sponsor, to receive a major foundation grant, or to land a significant advertising contract, the ISC’s bread and butter has always been our individual subscription, membership, and donor base. I hope that when our annual appeal letter finds its way into your mailbox, you will reflect positively on the expansion and success of our programming—and its importance to you and the world of sculpture—and you will decide that the ISC is worthy of your most generous (and tax-deductible!) support.

Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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