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YSP @ 30: The 30-Year Journey of Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Andy Goldsworthy
by Oliver Lowenstein

This year Yorkshire Sculpture Park marks its 30th birthday. As a central part of its celebrations, the park is hosting the largest Andy Goldsworthy exhibition to date in Britain, a perfect selection since the artist began his post-art-school work in 1977. His previous YSP exhibition and residency, “Parkland,” occurred 20 years ago in 1987, and his first show there was in 1983, only six years after the park’s inception. Goldsworthy’s return brings this history full circle, underlining how his path and YSP’s, to a considerable extent, have mirrored each other.

Wood Room. Coppiced Sweet Chestnut. Cropped from woodland in Kent. A process
by which limbs are cut, and then regrow
, 2007.

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