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From the Chairman

One of the great things about art lovers—whether artists, collectors, or other art professionals—is their camaraderie. Tell an art lover that you are one too, and the doors swing open as you share personal experiences about making, collecting, seeing, and just loving art. The cynic would call it ego, but collectors also love to open their homes and offices—often virtual museums—to each other.

True art lovers, of course, seek opportunities to see art wherever they go and learn more about what is happening in the field. I wish I could say that this describes me, but the reality is that like the typical middle-aged man in America (did I really just call myself that?), I struggle to balance my family, my career, my role as the ISC Chairman, my other philanthropic activities, and my hobbies. Inevitably, the idea of visiting an extra gallery, museum, artist’s studio, or collector’s home when I travel is the first thing to be sacrificed.

That said, knowing that I would be in Tuscany with my wife’s family for the holidays, when I learned that someone from an Italian sculpture park had been at the ISC’s Seattle conference, I knew I should contact him before my trip. So I sent an e-mail into cyberspace, and a heartfelt response followed almost immediately. More e-mails were exchanged, plans were made, and to Tuscany we flew.

Since my mother-in-law is a docent at her local museum, I hoped she’d want to come along, and by the time we piled into the car to drive over to meet our new cyber friend, there were nine of us in tow.

And what of this experience? First and foremost, it was proven to me that fellow art lovers form instant friendships, and I now hope that Piero will be a life-long friend. Second, that sculpture lovers have an indescribable, unbridled passion for the objects of their love. Third, that I may not take time to smell the roses, but I am ever so glad that I took the time to visit the sculpture park. Finally, I am reminded that not to take advantage of such opportunities on my travels means that I will miss seeing something beautiful in and about our world. With all that is going on in the world, who among us couldn’t use a little more beauty?

So if you’re in the area, I encourage you to call ahead and visit the Chianti Sculpture Park, <>. And wherever your travels take you, remember, the beauty of art is all around us: it is why we care so passionately about organizations like the ISC. Stop in a gallery, a museum, an artist’s studio, a collector’s home—or seek out that tucked-away sculpture park in the middle of the most fabulous wine country in the world (and maybe the center of the art universe) and see what beauty befalls you.

Happy travels!

—Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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