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Once Upon a Time: A Conversation with Andrea Loefke
by Paul Anthony Black

German-born Andrea Loefke lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, constructing complex conglomerates of material and form, working from innumerable materials, both decorative and everyday. These supplies overflow from the categorized shelves and bins of her studio. In fabricating her often vivid multi-form assemblages, Loefke employs a myriad of techniques expressing ambiguous thoughts and sensations. Her fairy-tale worlds incorporate multiple objects, colors, and textures, resulting in what could be described as playful and mysterious landscapes that entice viewers into visual as well as narrative journeys.

When the green frog changed into a happy prince the nearby
well--splish, splash--turned into sweetened lemonade
, 2005.
Cardboard, paint, glitter, light fixture, Styrofoam, and mixed media,
129 x 203 x 225 in.

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