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From the Chairman

The end of the year’s rapid approach always seems to catch us by surprise. How could we be ready to close the books on yet another year? Nevertheless, here we are. It’s been another busy year at the ISC. Let’s hope that you have made use of our Web site, enjoyed another year of Sculpture and other ISC publications, and had a chance to attend one or more ISC events—our Lifetime Achievement Award gala in San Francisco, our trip to Spiral Jetty, or our conference in Grand Rapids.
As always, we are excited about the ISC’s many activities—all of our major programs will continue in 2009. During the coming year, we hope to continue the expansion of our membership and membership benefits program and further the development of our Web site and student award program. We will host our Lifetime Achievement Award gala in Chicago to honor renowned sculptor Richard Hunt, and we’ll hold the 2009 ISC sculpture conference on our “home turf” in Hamilton, New Jersey, at Grounds For Sculpture.
To help us see all of this come to fruition, we’ve added to our staff. We’d like to welcome Dona Warner, our new Development Officer, Rajvi Patel, our new Conferences and Events Associate, Emily Fest, our new Membership Associate, and Deborah Clarke, our new Editorial Assistant. We also say goodbye to Robert McCoid, Courtney Assur, and Beth Wilson. We wish them all good luck in their future endeavors and thank them for their service and dedication. You can find more information about these staff changes on page 80 of this issue.
The end of the year also brings changes to the Board of Directors. Our Board provides vital oversight and guidance in all aspects of ISC operations, whether financial, programmatic, or otherwise. At the end of this year, three of our longest serving Board members—John Henry, Robert Mangold, and Laura Thorne—will leave us. John has served on the ISC Board since 1996 and served as Chairman from 2000 to 2002. Robert and Laura have both served since 1998. All three have given tirelessly to the ISC, and we are grateful to them for their many years of service. That said, we don’t expect them to ride off into the sunset quite yet and look forward to working closely with them in the years to come.
We are also happy to announce the addition of our first Board member from Down Under. David Handley, founder of Sculpture by the Sea, joins our Board from Australia. You can find more about John, Robert, Laura, and David on page 80.
Another reality of the year’s end is recognizing that all of the ISC’s great publications and programs cost more and more each year. Our small but dedicated staff stretches each dollar as far as possible, but the continuation and expansion of our programs cannot occur without the generous support of our donors. I’ll write more about this next month, and you’ll soon see our annual appeal in your mailbox. In the meantime, I hope you will reflect on our publications and programs and decide that they deserve your ongoing—and increased—support.

—Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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