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From the Chairman

I’ve written about Spiral Jetty before, so I hesitate to do so again, but as a seminal work of public sculpture and the seminal earthwork, I hope you will forgive the repetition. On October 29 and 30, the ISC will host its first Friends of the ISC event—a journey to explore and learn about Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty. Many of you may recall that the ISC collaborated with the Salt Lake Art Center for a 2004 visit to Spiral Jetty. It was an exciting event that brought participants from around the world. One couple even lingered at Spiral Jetty after the tour to be married in situ!

Along with the tour, the receptions and panel discussion were so well received that we’ve decided to do it again. This trip will also be coordinated with the Salt Lake Art Center, and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts is participating as well. The event will be open to Friend-level members of the ISC and similar upper-level members of the SLAC and UMFA. Discounted pricing to the ISC Friend-level membership is available for participants in this event. Membership information can be found in this issue, on-line <>, by e-mail <>, or by phone (609.689.1051 x308).

This trip to Spiral Jetty will kick off a regular series of ISC Friends events. These events will allow you to visit and learn about sites you have probably considered visiting, but, for a host of reasons, haven’t yet visited. They will typically include private receptions in exciting, often private, venues, panel discussions, site visits, and a chance to mingle with other adventurous sculpture lovers.

The upcoming Spiral Jetty event will include a private reception at the Salt Lake Art Center, a panel discussion about Spiral Jetty, a trip to the site, and a private reception at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. It is sure to sell out, so go on-line or call to register and upgrade your membership today.

I also hope to see many of you in Grand Rapids for the second conference in our public art series. Sculpture in Public: Part II, Public Art will be held October 2–4 at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Registration is available on-line or by phone. This conference will broaden the discussion about public art that began with Part I in Seattle, bringing together ISC members, sculptors, educators, students, arts administrators, and patrons, among others.

The Grand Rapids conference and the Spiral Jetty event mark the end of our 2008 public calendar. Our next Lifetime Achievement Award gala will be held in the spring (April 2009) as we gather in Chicago to celebrate the art and career of Chicago sculptor Richard Hunt. The gala has been timed to coordinate with Art Chicago, so attendees will have more reason than ever to join us for this great event honoring a wonderful sculptor.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments about how we are serving our readers, members, and friends alike. Contact us at <> or <>.

—Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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