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On the Cover

On the Cover: Peter Buggenhout, Weke Delen 3, 2001. Specially treated cow's stomach over a core of disposable material, 91x 115 x 148 cm.

Photograph: © Mirjam Devriendt.

From the Chairman

It may be art but is it stimulus? There has been a lot of press about the arts lately. Some articles focus on the funding difficulties facing nonprofits in the current economic environment, others on the dwindling number of nonprofits and the resulting loss of art opportunities for children and society. Still others discuss whether the arts—and public support—are stimulative.

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The Daimler Art Collection: A Conversation with Renate Wiehager by Robert Preece

Full text available on-line:
Reality Check: when appropriation becomes copyright infringement by Robert Preece



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