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From the Chairman

In January 2006, I had the good fortune to succeed Robert Duncan as the ISC’s Board Chair. Five years later, I am passing the torch to Marc LeBaron. It has been an exciting eight years on the Board, and it has been my great privilege to serve as the Chair. I am looking forward to my ninth, and last, year on the Board and the opportunity to see our strategic planning efforts take root.

During these years, I have watched the ISC grow. We have more members. Sculpture has gone through an artistic transformation. Our Web site is bigger and deeper than ever, with more visitors than ever. We’ve published three books. We’ve held annual conferences and galas, and we’ve run annual awards programs. The Board has been vigilant, helping to shape a forward-looking strategic plan. And the staff: well, it has just gotten better and better. What a personal pleasure it has been for me to watch and help Johannah transform herself from a director of membership and development to the strong leader she is today as the ISC’s Executive Director.

For many years, this space was occupied by a letter from the Executive Director. In the summer of 2006, as Johannah was transitioning to become the ISC’s chief executive, I took over the gig. This, I believe, will be my 45th letter. I have tried to use this space as a kind of personal soap box to tell our members and readers about things happening at the ISC, to beg for money, and to simply muse about art-related topics of interest to me. I don’t know what’s in store after this December letter, but I know that I will miss writing it. Each month, I cringe a little knowing that I will soon get a reminder e-mail asking me if my letter is ready, but by the time I hit the send button, I realize how happy I am that this is part of my job.

So speaking of begging for money: I mentioned it—go ahead, re-read that last paragraph. If you’re in the nonprofit world, December can only mean one thing—annual appeal time. (Maybe it can mean the end of the year, or the approach of the holidays, but to any self-respecting Executive Director, Development Director, or Board Chair, it means annual appeal time.) As you know from several of my prior letters, the ISC is fortunate to have a wide base of support, which is, I believe, a testament to the fact that we are fulfilling our mission and serving our constituents with high-quality and desirable services and programs. Still, we have not been immune to the economic crisis that has gripped the world for the last two years or more. So, if that annual appeal letter from the ISC is sitting on your desk, please consider returning it with a contribution. Can’t find it? That’s OK, you can donate on-line at <>. Needless to say, donations of all sizes are vital to our success as an organization. Please consider giving $10, $25, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 to the ISC’s 2010 annual appeal.

Thanks for your consideration, thanks for your support of the ISC, and thanks for letting me share this space with you for the past 45 issues of Sculpture. Goodbye, and I’ll miss you all!

—Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors


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