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From the Chairman

As this issue of Sculpture hits your hands, the deep freeze of winter will be behind us, a hint of spring will be in the air, and some of you will be planning a trip to London for the ISC’s 22nd International Sculpture Conference. The conference will be held April 7–9 and is presented in collaboration with the University of the Arts London. In addition to the conference, on Friday, April 9, the ISC will host its annual Lifetime Achievement Award gala in London, honoring Phillip King and William Tucker.

The conference addresses the question, “What is Sculpture in the 21st Century?” and features keynote addresses by Antony Gormley, Robert Storr, and Lucy Orta. In addition, there will be a reception at Tate Modern, admission to the Henry Moore exhibition at Tate Britain, workshop demonstrations at Chelsea College of Art and Design, the return of our popular ARTSlam sessions, a gallery hop, and, of course, a number of engaging panel discussions addressing current topics. Please visit <> for more details.

The staff and board of the ISC are very excited to bring these activities to such a wonderful international city of art. Hosting such events internationally has proved challenging in many ways. The vast majority of Sculpture readers are in the United States, and while international content has become increasingly important in the magazine, on our Web site, and through the ISC’s Board composition, our non-U.S. membership is widely spread around the globe. In fact, we currently have members in over 80 countries. We hope that the conference and award presentation will attract the attention and interest of sculpture communities throughout Europe and that members from other parts of the world, including the U.S., who have otherwise been looking for just the right reason to visit London, will also be able to participate.

How people value events of this nature, spend their discretionary income, and support philanthropic causes are all very different in various parts of the world. Differences in philanthropic incentives through local tax systems is a particularly difficult issue, because registration fees and ticket sales usually cover only a portion of the ISC’s conference and Lifetime Achievement Award presentation costs, so the ISC relies on individual, foundation, and corporate support to make these programs affordable for participants and successful for the organization. Thus, these events in London will be something of a test of the ISC’s ability to operate physically around the world.

Recognizing that the cost of attending a London-based conference for our members in the U.S. will be significant, and that the cost of attending the Lifetime Achievement Award gala is often too high for many of our members, I am going to randomly offer two seats at the Chairman’s table for this year’s LAA presentation to conference attendees from the U.S. If you are interested, e-mail me at <>.

I hope to see you in London.

—Josh Kanter
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors


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