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Saya Woolfalk: The Harmonics of Dislocation
by Sarah Tanguy

A kaleidoscopic transformation unfolds to the soft and soothing drone of a narrator as she guides the viewer through a marvelous land where humans, plants, and objects engage one another. Barriers break down. Identities cross-fertilize. Linear time loses all relevance. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds meets Japanese anime to the rhythm of a stylized Butoh dance. Visceral anticipation rules.

New York-based Saya Woolfalk is part of a rising phenomenon in today’s global art scene, an artist who brings much-needed new energy to the utopian vision and interdisciplinary approach espoused by such early 20th-century pioneers as the Dadaists and the Bauhaus School. Born in Gifu, Japan, to a Japanese mother and an African American and Caucasian father, she is also in a perfect position to chart an expanded definition of cultural diversity and tackle the sexual, racial, and gender issues ignited by the culture wars of the 1980s.

Lovescape, 2004.
Mixed media, 8 x 20 x 15 ft.


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