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Celebrating Elden Tefft
by Bill Boettcher

I dare say, most of us don’t look too carefully at the masthead of this or any other magazine. However, if we scan down below the “directors” and the “emeriti,” we will find “Founder: Elden Tefft, Lawrence, KS.” A lot of younger ISC members/readers, perhaps like Butch and Sundance, might wonder: Who is this guy? The word “founder” is the clue. If we look in the dictionary, we find that a “founder is one who begins or establishes something.” Back in 1960 at the University of Kansas, Elden Tefft started what has become the International Sculpture Center. If we look further in the dictionary, we find that a “founder” is a person who melts and pours metal. Through his near life-long quest to learn lost-wax casting, establish it as a legitimate contemporary art form, and teach its techniques, Elden Tefft is a “founder.”

Star Spirit (detail), 1999.
Bronze, 5.5 ft. high.

Image: Courtesy the artist


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