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From the Chairman

Looking back on 20 years of the Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture award and gala gives a strong sense of the purpose behind the work of the International Sculpture Center. This year, there was a wonderful energy in the room as we honored Frank Stella, just as there is whenever we get artists, patrons, and collectors together.

The gala was a great success, and there are many people to congratulate and thank. First, ISC staff did an outstanding job of planning and executing this wonderful evening. I would also like to acknowledge our two speakers, Adam Weinberg and Ken Tyler. Weinberg, director of the Whitney Museum of American Art, provided an engaging perspective on the role of sculpture in our society. As Stella’s longtime friend, Tyler offered many great personal stories that gave us insight into our honoree. There is something to be said for the importance of recognizing great sculptors—those whose contributions have influenced not only other artists, but also lovers of art.

The stories and reminiscences shared by Tyler and others at the gala gave a sense of just how many people have been touched by Stella’s work, how many lives he has inspired. This brings us back to the purpose of the ISC in general and of the gala in particular. For 20 years, we have recognized important treasurers of the sculpture world who have made our lives better through their work. Celebrating their achievements allows us to remember why we have chosen to be members of this great organization. Those of us who were at the gala witnessed the emergence of a remarkable energy—our job is to keep that spirit alive every day and to communicate it to others through the efforts and programs of the ISC.

As we reflect on the glow that lingers after this celebration, we can also look forward to the rest of the year—there are many exciting things happening in the world of the ISC.

—Marc LeBaron
Chairman, ISC Board of Trustees



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