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From the Chairman

With holiday celebrations and the arrival of the new year beginning to fade, it is the perfect time to shift our focus to the exciting events coming up at the International Sculpture Center in 2011. We are starting the year in a strong financial position and are ready to continue strengthening the organization. The goals outlined in our strategic plan for the next five years will ensure that the ISC retains its role as the leading voice promoting the advancement and appreciation of sculpture.

In 2011, we will be introducing a new lecture series. Artists, educators, and curators will address sculpture-related themes in national and international cities. These programs, which will be provided at little or no cost to attendees, will be a great educational opportunity for everyone.

Next month, on Tuesday, April 26, we will be honoring Frank Stella with the Lifetime Achievement Award in New York City. One of America's most accomplished artists, Stella received the National Medal of Arts in 2009. The ISC's Lifetime Achievement Award Gala is one of the highlights of our year—always an entertaining and educational evening—so mark your calendars and reserve your space now (you'll find more information on page 12).

In 2010, we received a record number of nominees for the Student Achievement Awards, including students from seven international schools. An exhibition of work by the winners continues its tour this year, traveling to the Salt Lake Art Center (April 1–June 1, 2011).

Finally, we have the fourth book in the ISC Press series "Perspectives on Sculpture" to look forward to this fall. This new publication focuses on how sculpture can play an important role in the restoration and remediation of troubled environments. Essays, interviews, and short capsules explore how sculptors can bring fresh approaches and solutions to agricultural, urban, habitat, and water problems—some using green materials, new technologies, and alternative energy sources and others taking their activist stance into the streets, calling attention to recycling, food and air-quality issues, climate change, and the ethics of frontier science.

2011 also brings new focus and energy to the ISC's international efforts. Following on the heels of last year's conference and Lifetime Achievement Award gala in London, the International Affairs Committee is committed to broadening the ISC's global impact. We have added several new international board members, including Ralfonso Gschwend from Switzerland who joined this year, and the committee is working hard on expanding its international perspective.

These programs, together with the ISC Web site, Sculpture magazine, and the ISC's other activities, give a snapshot of our organization working at its best. Through the ISC, people living worlds apart, facing different cultural realities, can connect with us and each other, finding new ways to exchange ideas about and share their passion for sculpture.

—Marc LeBaron
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors 


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