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Sept 2011
Vol.30 No. 7

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
Sculpting Urban Airspace: Janet Echelman
By Regina Frank
If your eye becomes entangled by the beauty of a huge fishing net cast into the vast blue of the sky, it has probably been caught in a work by Janet Echelman. Originally a painter, Echelman has been working with nets since a residency in India. Left without materials when her shipment of supplies went astray, she turned this lucky mishap into inspiration as she watched local fishermen at work. Her first pieces were handmade, knotted by a team of fisherwomen and herself, reflective of communication with her assistants, whose stories she was sharing.

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1.26, 2010. Spectra (R) fiber, high-tenacity polyester fiber, and lighting, 230 x 63 x 30 ft. Work installed at Civic Center Park, Denver, CO.

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