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Jan/Feb 2012
Vol.31 No 1

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
From the Chairman

The end of the year for a nonprofit board, as for many of us, involves close scrutiny of the year past: What were our successes and where do we need to focus our renewed attention? The new year also brings cheerful anticipation for the events ahead, and for the ISC, there are many reasons for excitement. Thanks to the foundation that we laid in 2011 (including the launch of ISConnects, a brand-new approach to the Outstanding Educator Award, a new type of Sculpture article on , and plans for the 23rd International Sculpture Conference), the sculpture community is poised for greatness in 2012. Early in 2012, the ISC will present philanthropist Olga Hirshhorn with the Outstanding Patron Award. This event, to be held at the Naples Art Museum, will be a personal tribute to the generosity that Hirshhorn has shown to countless sculptors and friends of the arts. It is also the first Patron Award since 2008, when the ISC honored Fred and Lena Meijer, of the Meijer Foundation, for their contributions to sculpture and society.

We are constantly adding to the list of events in the new ISConnects program. Since each event in the series varies (in subject, partnering organization, and attendees), make sure to stay up to date on the latest collaborations and topics. This year, we hope to post the events on-line so you can follow each discussion on

The 2012 recipients of the Outstanding Educator Award will also be announced soon, after being narrowed down from an extensive pool of educators nominated by ISC members, Sculpture readers, and the public. The chosen educators will be honored by the ISC in partnership with each educator’s school. The Lifetime Achievement Award gives us another opportunity to celebrate greatness in the field. Each Lifetime Achievement awardee receives a feature article in Sculpture, where readers learn more about why the ISC recognizes select individuals as “masters of sculptural processes and techniques.”

October is an exciting time for the ISC, when upcoming student artists, winners of the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture, are published in a feature article in Sculpture. The traveling Student Awards exhibition is always entertaining, and always unique. This year, the ISC will ship works that include packing peanuts (a work by Dustin Boise), a 900-pound head (by David Platter), and a plastic cup (part of Derek Bourcier’s piece).

The 23rd International Sculpture Conference is also held in October. For those who want to explore partnerships and panels, it is not too early to plan for “Process, Patron, and Public,” which will be held in Chicago on October 4, 5, and 6, 2012.

The ISC has many other activities planned for the new year, all focused on providing enhanced services for the growing sculpture community. On behalf of the staff and Board of the ISC, best wishes for a great and fun-filled year.

—Marc LeBaron

Chairman, ISC Board of Trustees

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