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March 2012
Vol. 31 No 2

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
From the Chairman

Last fall, I attended a special event in Berlin, where my wife, Kathy, and I also had the pleasure of hosting a gathering for business executives and their guests to learn more about this fascinating city, specifically the contribution of contemporary art in making this one of the world’s great metropolitan centers. Berlin is home to many of today’s most exciting contemporary artists. The city has embraced an estimated 7,000 artists and a growing number of collectors. The best works are showcased in more than 3,000 exhibitions held throughout the year.

Our trip gave us access to the studios, galleries, and private collections that have made Berlin the home of European contemporary art. We met many exciting artists and had the opportunity to visit many private collections and numerous museums. Berlin is home to 175 museums. Knowing the role that Berlin has played in history, it was incredible to experience what the city now means to the international sculpture community. I encourage each of you to visit Berlin and experience it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Speaking of Berlin, let me take this opportunity to welcome a recent new member to our Board of Trustees, Phillip von Matt. I met Phillip on our visit to Berlin, and I believe he will prove to be a valuable addition to our Board. He brings years of experience in the fields of architecture, art, and education to his new role at the ISC. Born in Switzerland, he is currently working on several projects in Berlin, where he is active as an architect and teacher. Phillip is the ISC’s fourth international board member and an important voice as we develop more international programming and services in the coming years.

I am also proud to welcome Prescott Muir to the ISC Board of Trustees. Prescott is a professor and director of the School of Architecture at the University of Utah and principal of a 35-year-old architectural firm with offices in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. He has played a leading role in shaping the urban form of Salt Lake City, having served as the chair of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce, Salt Lake Downtown Alliance, and Salt Lake Planning Commission. As an award-winning architect, he will play an important role in the success of our Board of Trustees.

I am pleased to report that we completed two successful fundraising campaigns at the end of 2011—the Plan of Action Campaign, the 2011 Annual Appeal, and the Matching Gift of Art Campaign, in which contributions to receive the Peter Voulkos print Abstraction #1 went toward matching a grant from the Johnson Art & Education Foundation. Thank you to everyone who made these two campaigns a success.

—Marc LeBaron

Chairman, ISC Board of Trustees

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