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May 2012
Vol. 31 No 4

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
From the Chairman

October may seem a long time away, but I would like to offer my perspective on why you should begin planning now to attend our International Sculpture Conference scheduled for October 4–6 in Chicago. If you go to, you will see a preview of the many great presentations and learning opportunities we are planning. Even for those of us who read a wide variety of magazines, books, and blogs every month, there is still something special about learning at a conference. You experience the passion of the speaker, and if you’re actively listening, you can’t help but learn more by experiencing it first hand.

More importantly, by being there, you can network. This is one of the great benefits of attending the conference. ISC conferences attract people from all corners of the sculpture world and provide a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and get new perspectives on sculpture.

Prepare yourself to decide what you want to experience and what you are willing to miss. The 2012 ISC conference has many great events, including tours of some of Chicago’s best galleries and studios, and, of course, great speakers. I would encourage you to visit www. and learn more about the conference. Regardless of what you select, I am sure your conference experience will be great.

I would like to close by once again offering my warmest congratu?lations to Olga Hirshhorn, our 2012 Patron of the Year. It was my pleasure to represent the ISC at the award ceremony in Naples, Florida, in February. After the award presentation, I had the opportunity to join Olga at dinner. She has a great passion for life. I enjoyed hearing her stories and listening to her discuss her approach to collecting and how art has impacted her life. She has had a lasting impact on so many of us who believe in the importance of sculpture. What a great joy it was to meet her and present her with our Patron Award.

—Marc LeBaron

Chairman, ISC Board of Trustees

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