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September 2012
Vol. 31 No 6

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
From the Chairman

While I enjoy the challenges and opportunities provided by my role as Chairman of the Board at the International Sculpture Center (ISC), I also have a day job. That position permits me to lead a vibrant manufacturing company in the Midwest, where we have enjoyed success by building a wonderful culture.

Communication is an important ingredient in our success. By creating personal and meaningful connections with the people in our organization, we have been able to accomplish great things. Strangely enough, one of the many ways we have been able to accomplish this is through a shared passion for art, especially sculpture.

My wife Kathy and I have been fortunate through the years and have been able to collect many works of art. Beyond our collection at home, we also display more than 150 of our favorite pieces on the company campus. In a significant way, sculpture has become a part of our company’s communication process and, ultimately, of our culture.

In a world where the demand for talent is great, companies that want to compete must identify innovative ways to forge connections with and among their people. Art in the workplace helps make these connections. It transcends cultures and generations. It stimulates creativity. It creates a dynamic environment and encourages innovation. I believe that art positively impacts our business results.

Certainly collecting is a passion for Kathy and me. We have also seen the enthusiasm for art grow within our company. It’s always fun to watch the excitement when a new crate is delivered outside my office. Every time something new arrives, people can’t wait to see it. And as I walk around our campus, people come up and ask me about particular pieces. They want to know the identity of the sculptor, what he or she was thinking. Inevitably they ask, “What do you think it means?” And I always reply with another question, “What do you think it means?” I want people to react and respond to the works on a personal level. Art does have a positive impact on people, and people make our company successful.

The impact of sculpture on people in the workplace speaks to the value of art. The ISC plays an important role in advancing contemporary sculpture around the world, bringing new viewers and new enthusiasts. Sculpture makes the world a better place.

—Marc LeBaron

Chairman, ISC Board of Trustees

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