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July/August 2013
Vol. 32 No 6

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
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Drawing Mindmaps:
A Conversation with Ante Timmermans
by Olga Stefan
Ante Timmermans, a Belgian artist based in Zurich, is best known for his contemporary approach to drawing in which the two-dimensional transforms into a three-dimensional universe. The spare, simple techniques that define his drawings also characterize his sculptures and installations, which frequently employ obsolete technologies. An avid (and skeptical) observer of today’s world, Timmermans takes up issues such as labor and leisure, the city (and its plight) as a metaphor for the creative process, and the function of language

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Make a Molehill out of a Mountain (of work), 2012. Shelves, desk, chair, stacks of paper, folders, side table, time clock, time card holder, time cards, and 10 neon lamps, detail of installation at Manifesta 9.

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