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July/August 2013
Vol. 32 No 6

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
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Sculpting the Void:
A Conversation Lucía Vallejo
by Paula Llull, translated by Tatiana Flores
Lucía Vallejo began her career as an art historian. The subject of her research, Giorgione, foreshadowed the path of her later artistic trajectory, which follows a deep interest in symbolism and late Renais?sance and Baroque color. Despite having talent for the plastic arts since childhood (her first sculpture was a skull) and being told by a professor at the London School of Arts that she was an artist and not a historian, Vallejo did not make the change until several years ago, when she had her first solo show in Mallorca, Spain. ...see the entire article in the print version of July/August's Sculpture magazine.

Nebu (detail), 2012. Gold on canvas, 176 x 220 cm.

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