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November 2013
Vol. 32 No 9

A publication of the
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New Ways of Seeing: A Conversation with Teresita Fernández
by Hilary Stunda
A graphite waterfall, a ring of silk fire, a bamboo “forest” of acrylic tubes, and a braille constellation set against a luminous night sky: Miami-born, Brooklyn-based Teresita Fernández explores natural phenomena while challenging perception with a new vocabulary of “seeing.” To experience the lingering resonance of her large works is to approach closely, step under, through, and above. The ambulatory motion erases preconceptions while revealing the unexpected. A large part of Fernández’s conceptual process takes place during the research stage. Ultimately, her work is concerned with the fusion of ideas, expressed through an ingenious and innovative use of such materials as graphite, pulp paper, acrylic, silk yarn, and glass. The viewer is left with floating memories and metaphors...see the entire article in the print version of November's Sculpture magazine.

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Nocturnal (Navigation), 2013. Polyester resin, gold chroming, and polished brass rod, site-specific installation at the U.S. Coast Guard headquarters, Washington, DC.

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