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September 2013
Vol. 32 No 7

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
From the Chairman

Like many people, my wife Kathy and I did not realize the impact we would be making when we first decided to become members of the International Sculpture Center. We were introduced to the ISC by a friend who thought that we would like to join others with a passion for sculpture and to support the organizationís efforts on behalf of the sculpture community. Our membership has given us much more, however. I have been able to connect with many individuals who share the same deep appreciation for sculpture and the artists who make our lives better through their wonderful work.

The ISC has four membership categories for individuals, and regardless of the category that you choose, the benefits are significant. From your subscription to Sculpture magazine with its cutting-edge articles to member rates for conferences, symposia, and ISC Press publications and the opportunity to attend the Lifetime Achievement Award and Patron Recognition events, your membership will enlighten and enhance your appreciation of sculpture. More details about membership categories, and their benefits, are available at, where you can also find magazine articles and a host of other resources.

Everyone gains something unique from his or her ISC membership. Member benefits arenít the only way to measure the value of joining the ISC. For me, the greatest value is what ISC membership represents. When we enroll as members, we are making a statement that sculpture is important: itís important to us, and itís important for the world.

And that brings us to another, and perhaps the most significant, value of membershipóISC membership supports artists themselves. The organization supports and recognizes sculptors, bringing attention to great art, and provides a forum through which art is discussed and advanced throughout the world. It also provides scholarships to young artists and advances awareness of the field.

Be assured that your membership unlocks the potential of the ISC as a catalyst for advancing contemporary sculpture. For Kathy and me, it has given us more than we could have hoped for.

óMarc LeBaron

Chairman, ISC Board of Trustees

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