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September 2013
Vol. 32 No 7

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Space is a Living Thing: A Conversation with Beverly Pepper
by Judith Hoos
To page through the biography and bibliography of Beverly Pepper is to find a lexicon of major art world players spanning the last half decade. Critics and authors such as Frank O’Hara, Hilton Kramer, Barbara Rose, and Rosalind Krauss have all written about her work, many repeatedly. As early as 1952, Time included a feature on her; and as recently as last year, Robert Hobbs published a monograph devoted to her career. Pepper’s sculptures and large-scale commissioned works ring the globe—from Sydney to Houston, Tokyo, Stockholm, Jerusalem, and Calgary. Just as Pepper releases life from stone and coaxes form from the elements, she has elevated my pedestrian questions into meaty observations about her work, art-making, and the role of the artist....see the entire article in the print version of September's Sculpture magazine.

Curvae in Curvae, 2012. Cor-ten steel, 115 x 128 x 81 in.

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