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July/August 2014
Vol. 33 No. 6

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Objects Are Alive: A Conversation with Abraham Cruzvillegas
by Robert Preece
Abraham Cruzvillegas’s Autoconstrucción works ricochet back and forth between categories, from intriguing, aesthetically constructed, found-object compositions to emotionally charged, socio­economic/political statements. Rooted in the real world situation of Mexico City specifically, and to some extent of Latin America generally, this ongoing series builds on the art historical vocabulary of Duchampian readymades, Arte Povera, and assemblage. It should be noted that Cruzvillegas sees autoconstrucción (“self-construction”) as “a way of making things,” a methodology that “exists in many places and cultures with specific differences.” Cruzvillegas has exhibited around the world. A 2013 mid-career retrospective organized by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis continued on to the Haus der Kunst in Munich earlier this year and will be shown jointly at the Jumex Foundation in Mexico City and the Museo Amparo in Puebla in 2014–15...see the entire article in the print version of July/August's Sculpture magazine.

Autoconstruccion (resource room), 2010. Maps, drawings, photographs, text, and found furniture, dimensions variable.

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