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April 2015
Vol. 34 No. 3

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Make Your Own Trail: A Conversation with Richard Wilson
by Rajesh Punj
A Slice Of Reality, 2000.

Slipstream, one of Richard Wilson’s most innovative projects to date, translates the motion of a car rolling over into the aeronautical maneuver of a small propeller plane turning through the air at high altitude. The suspended, aluminum-clad sculpture twists through the central space of Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal 2 building like an elongated spacecraft settling for earth. The “wow” factor of Slipstream characterizes all of Wilson’s work. His architectural interventions—including his best-known work, Turning the Place Over, commissioned for the 2008 Liverpool Biennial—employ a creative synthesis of sculpture and engineering to create daring and sometimes disconcerting breaks in the fabric of everyday life...see the entire article in the print version of April's Sculpture magazine.

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A Slice Of Reality, 2000. Sliced section of an ocean dredger, 21.34

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