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March 2015
Vol. 34 No. 2

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
March 2015 Sculpture Magazine
On the Cover
Rachel Kneebone, The Descent (detail), 2008. Porcelain, approx. 150 x 350 cm. diameter. Photo: Stephen White, Rachel Kneebone, Courtesy White Cube.

In this Issue...
The March, 2015 issue of Sculpture explores the range of contemporary scupture from the figure in extremis to calm contemplation, pop culture, autobiography, performance, and survivalism in the works of Rachel Kneebone, Jeff Koons, Michael Cooper, Ivan and Heather Morison, Sajef Rahal, and Hidetoshi Nagasawa-plus a report on outdoor sculpture collections in Australia, and reviews and previews covering artists from around the world.

Also, in the print and digital version of March's Sculpture - Itinerary, Commissions and ISC News.

March Online Feature:
Beauty with a Measure of Awkwardness: A Conversation with Sahej Rahal
Clever, capable, and spirited, Sahej Rahal belongs to a new generation of Indian artists who have seen the success of their immediate predecessors and wish for more of the same...
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Executive Director's Letter
2015 is a very exciting year for the ISC, and the spring is an incredibly busy time as we launch new programs, events, and benefits for members. This month brings the premiere of the International Sculpture Calendar, accessible on our Web site... read more.

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