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September 2015
Vol. 34 No. 7

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
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Shilpa Gupta: Finding Common Threads
by Chitra Balasubramaniam
Someone Else (detail), 2011-12. Interactive and engaging, Shilpa Gupta’s works draw viewers in, provoking them to think, take their experience with them, and act. Each object and installation picks up on thought-provoking issues—political, social, and economic concerns that are part of daily life. Combining everyday, innocuous things—balls of thread and string, microphones, soap, stone slabs, mirrors, and books—Gupta brings out interesting nuances that encourage reflection, reconsideration, and the questioning of assumptions. Gupta says, “I use a combination of light and sound and play with the gallery to create an experience for the viewer.” This emphasis on interaction sometimes transforms the viewer into a sutradhar, or storyteller. Because there are umpteen possible meanings, each viewer is free to interpret the experience with a personal spin. Gupta relies on these myriad interpretations: “I am generally interested in perception and the translation which takes place—basically, the shift of information from one place to another.” ...see the entire article in the print version of September's Sculpture magazine.

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Someone Else (detail), 2011-12. Stainless steel, 196.5 x 196.5 in.

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