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December 2016
Vol. 35 No. 10

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The Universe in a Pot: A Conversation with Subodh Gupta
by Rajesh Punj
Chanda Mama door ke (From Far Away Uncle Moon Calls) 2015 Subodh Gupta, who has been compared to Damien Hirst, has adopted something of the attitude of that art world enfant terrible, employing the same charismatic swagger and courting the same kind of international attention with provocative works of a grandiose scale. But there is a crucial difference. Compared to the savvy Hirst, who delivers art as commodity, Gupta appears positively naïve in his approach. Though he once used untouched kitchen utensils in his works, he now gathers aged and abandoned objects to produce grittier sculptures. Seeing everything anew, he turns these vast arse - nals of objects into utilitarian monuments to mankind. For Gupta, the transformation of the readymade into art is entirely about giving credence to everyday objects that serve people of all classes and denominations. As much about his own interests as they are about the universality of basic objects, his works focus on the matter that sustains our well-being and out - lives us when we die. ...see the entire article in the print version of December's Sculpture magazine.

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Chanda Mama door ke (From Far Away Uncle Moon Calls), 2015. Found aluminium utensils, fish strings, and steel, 274 x 487 x 487 cm.

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