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March 2016
Vol. 35 No. 2

A publication of the
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Creative and Destructive Force: A Conversation with Andrea Mastrovito
by Laura Tansini
The Island of Dr. Mastrovito II, 2012. Deep wisdom meets true child-like creativity in Andrea Mastrovito's work. Eternal human questions-Who are we? From where do we come? Where are we going?-are raised and developed with honest simplicity, the only answer lying in an acceptance of the natural life cycle. Death, creation, and re-creation are always present in Mastrovito's work. Mastrovito creates a lot using very little. He has a child's genius, an ability to create something out of nothing. His installations-each one made for the space that inspired it-use all available media and materials, from drawing, animation, video, and music to toys and pieces of furniture. Marie Noelle Farcy, curator of the Mudam Museum in Luxembourg, wrote of Mastrovito: "A troublemaker who pushes things to the limit, he takes boundless pleasure in creation...For [him], what is commonly called inspiration is very close to a breath, a pulsation, or an instinct, or more generally a way of being in the world." ...see the entire article in the print version of March's Sculpture magazine.

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The Island of Dr. Mastrovito II, 2012. 1200 cut-out books, view of installation at MUDAC, Lausanne.

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